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Your Friendly Catering Service

Aspiring to be customer-friendly and environmental-friendly, FOODADDICT offers you all-ranged and customizable catering services: menus, packaging, staffs, and decoration. Whether you are having a small staff party, or a big conference, FOODADDICT makes you rest assured that your guests not only enjoy their best food moments, but also help save the world at every bite of those.



Chef Station

Food Services Consultant

With more than 10 years of experiences in food industry, Chef Station offers end-to-end professional food services consulting: from material sourcing, food stylists, staff management, and product development etc. Whether you are a beginner in the food industry, or a well-experienced brand owner, Chef Station helps you navigate better through this industry of deliciousness and diversity.




Local Community Partner

A big believer in community partnership, localjoy hopes to take foodtales’ vision further: to connect people, foods, and stories of the communities together. localjoy brings local products from the best sources closer to your hands.

*localjoy will be officially launched soon. With the primary focus on catering and consulting service, foodtales is now working closely with local partners to make sure localjoy serves you anything but the best experiences.


foodtales MARKET (APP)

One-stop E-marketplace for Food Services

The upcoming conference next week but still looking for a reliable catering service provider? footales MARKET could be your answer. A user-friendly mobile application, foodtales MARKET helps you compare the price, menus, and additional supports from various catering and food service providers. By typing in your food preferences, budget, date, etc., foodtales MARKET gauges information and let you make an educated choice.

*foodtales MARKET will be officially launched soon. With the primary focus on catering and consulting service, foodtales is now working closely with partners to make sure foodtales MARKET serves you anything but the best experiences.

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